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Muscle expert Dr Mason Stewart, DC brings relief to you at work, at home, or at play.

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  • Dr Stewart is a joy to work with! Muscle Activation has opened up more mobility for me 2.5 years post stroke! I am extremely grateful and highly recommend him to anyone trying to recover from an injury or simply looking for pain reduction and mobility enhancement πŸ™‚ THANK YOU Dr Stewart!!

    Raquel Dudley Avatar Raquel Dudley
  • Not only is having a house visit convenient and comfortable, Dr. Stewart's expertise is prolific. He put my mind at ease. And relieved my migraine to boot. Any questions I had, he had clear and understandable answers. Not just "what" - but "why." He explained the root causes of my migraine while working on it. And later he explained what was going on with my postpartum musculature, demonstrating specific exercises to encourage the healing in my abdomen. My head feels much better and I finally have a clear direction on what to do with my postpartum struggles. Anyone out there looking for a personable, trustworthy, kind and incredibly professional doctor, you've found him.

    K Pettit Avatar K Pettit
  • Highly recommend Dr. Stewart!!! I’ve been recovering from a broken elbow a year ago, have gained my mobility, but never quite received strength back in it. Dr. Stewart changed all that with his muscle activation technique. The pain in my elbow is gone and and am feeling strong again. Dr. Stewart’s muscle activation technique would be perfect for recovering from injuries or wanting to gain more strength.

    Andrea Hatch Avatar Andrea Hatch
  • L O Avatar L O
  • Dr. Stewart is amazing! I will recommend him to anyone! His work with me has helped immensely. Professionally, I tell all my patients about him to help them with their therapy better. If you haven’t worked with Dr. Stewart, do yourself a favor and book with him today!

    Devin Hatch Avatar Devin Hatch
  • Not like any other chiropractor out there! After 6 years of trying everything, I had my rotator cuff tear surgically repaired. Feeling stuck and still having pain in the active range of motion exercises, I reached out to Dr. Stewart and was able to meet with him. By the 2nd round of muscle activation, while doing the pully exercises assigned by the PT, the constant and painful motion of raising my arm had gone away! It had been SO long since I had been able to feel a normal shoulder motion, I wanted to cry! Having the muscle activation adjustments while in PT amplified my recovery and my surgeon was amazed when he tested the repaired muscle and it didn't hurt. Not only is Dr. Stewart personable, knowledgeable, professional and kind; he genuinely listens to you and what your body is telling you. I cannot recommend him enough and encourage you to give him a call to see what he can help improve. I could go on about my neck and the 23 year old whiplash issues, but I'll save that for anther review!

    Melissa Allen Avatar Melissa Allen
  • New Leaf is amazing and highly recommended!! A friend recommended Dr. Stewart's muscle activation services because I was experiencing shoulder pain on one side and tennis elbow on the other. Not only did he treat those conditions quickly, painlessly, and for a reasonable cost, but he activated muscles that I didn't even know I'd lost.

    Laurie Cooke Avatar Laurie Cooke
  • After two years of nagging pain in my lower back and shoulder, I finally sought treatment. I began seeing results after the first treatment. Shoulder pain went away very quickly. Lower back pain was more stubborn. However, after completing treatment, I had several pain-free days each week. I continued with the assigned exercises and, six months later, I generally have no discomfort. I plan to keep up with exercises once or twice a week to keep my back and shoulders strong and healthy. Thank you so much Dr. Stewart!

    James Lake Avatar James Lake
  • Dr. Mason is the man when it comes to turning on muscles you didn't know you had. This is a big deal these days because people lose muscle function then they lose movements then they get hurt and few people are pointing out that pipeline from one to the other. His methods are different other chiros so check him out if you're looking for a different take on chiropractic besides getting cracked. Highly recommended!

    Dave Chesser Avatar Dave Chesser
  • I have had a chiropractor work on me before one other time in my life with no real results. I threw my back out bad at work and was in desperate need of help. I went to the hospital for the initial issue and they gave me pain pills and muscle relaxers that did nothing nor did I want to take them. So I looked around to find a chiropractor office initially and could not find one that was open long enough to make it in for me to get too on time let alone anyone that was available to to get me in for a visit any time soon. I found doctor stewart and found that he comes to your home! I called him and he asked me several questions and answered ones I had but he was unfortunately going on vacation. I was very impressed with his professionalism on the phone and the information he gave me. Fast forward a week later and I was still in pain and wanted to wait for him to be available. I called him again and he remembered our conversation and who I was and I was very taken back that he did because I’m sure he speaks to alot of people. I booked a appointment with him for a Friday evening I believe. He came out at 5:30 pm to my house and was a awesome guy. He explained everything very thoroughly and then went to work on my back. We then talked about fishing for another 30 minutes because he is a avid fisherman such as myself. Fast forward a week later and my back has never felt so good. he also adjusted my neck as well and it has so much movement that I didn’t have before. Dr Stewart is a true professional at his craft and he is literally a life saver for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for top notch work by a top notch doctor and guy! Very reasonable pricing considering he comes to your house and he was not a pushy salesman at all as some can be. I really appreciated that and the funny thing is I do sales for living but I hate getting pushed to buy services or productsπŸ˜‚ ironic I know! Thank you sir!

    Ryne Reed Avatar Ryne Reed


Dr. Mason Stewart, DC brings muscle activation and mobile chiropractic to your door! From his eastern WA farming roots, Dr. Stewart cultivates a down-to-earth approach to healing. His goal for each patient is to first hear their story, then provide personalized care that goes beyond the surface. See for yourself why Dr. Stewart earns five-star reviews and personal referrals from our patients!

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Pain and injury disrupt your life enough without having to drive to the chiropractor and wait in their waiting room. We offer mobile chiropractic and muscle activation to bring you help and healing at your convenience! Get personalized care on your schedule so you can get right back to doing what you love.

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Our philosophy is that joints and muscles work together and should be treated simultaneously! Dr. Stewart employs chiropractic, muscle activation, and soft tissue therapies to provide you with a custom roadmap through your unique symptoms. And, we treat a lot more than just your back! From head to toe, our goal is to help you get to the root of your issues and back to living.

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