We do House Calls

I don't live in Post Falls, can I still schedule?

Yes! Our current service area covers but is not limited to:

• Post Falls, ID

• Coeur d’Alene, ID

• Hayden, ID

• Rathdrum, ID

• Liberty Lake, WA

• Newman Lake, WA

• Spokane Valley, WA

We have also seen patients in Athol and farther afield. If you live outside the service area but still want to be seen, please contact us!


Why House Calls?

House calls, mobile chiropractor, concierge chiropractic—all to say, Dr. Stewart drives to you to save you time and teach you how to reach your health goals in the context and comfort of your own home.

(Plus, it’s a major perk to meet your pets during home visits!)

What can I expect from a house call visit?

Set up, Treat, Take down!

Dr. Stewart will arrive at your house for your appointment and carry his portable chiropractic table and equipment to your door. He will set up the table in an open area, only requiring about 8×5 feet of space to work in. The first appointment typically takes about an hour and consists of a detailed health history, chiropractic or muscle exam, and treatment. At the end of the visit, Dr. Stewart will pack up and be on his way so you can get right back to your day. Future visits follow a similar pattern, adapting treatment length based on your health needs.


Can I be treated somewhere other than my house?​

Yes! Dr. Stewart has partnered with optional treatment locations for those who prefer to be treated in office, or who live outside the current service area. If this applies to you, please contact us and we’ll find the best solution for your situation.